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SUPER DONE technical rescue glove has been designed especially for rescue applications. It holds anatomical shape for excellent dexterity and comfort. Back of hand embossed neoprene knuckle protectors. Reflective elements on back of hand for better visibility in dark places. Nylon spandex at back of hand for maximum comfort. Palm is made of synthetic leather for silicon reinforcement for better grip. Synthetic leather reinforcement between thumb & index finger to protect this area. Steel & fiber glass complete lining for maximum cut protection. Nylon spandex elastic wristband to stop ingress of dirt

  • Performance Levels

    Abrasion resistance

    EN 388: 2016 Level-3

    Circular blade cut resistance

    EN 388: 2016 Level-4

    Tear resistance

    EN 388: 2016 Level-3

    Puncture resistance

    EN 388: 2016 Level-2

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